Chase's Racing Pigs

It's a great time for the entire family, as you watch our cute piggy's speed around their track, “pig paddle” their way through the water obstacle and then burn up the sawdust as they race toward the checkered flag. There will be squeals of laughter, as you experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as you cheer your little piggy on to victory!

We take pride in healthy animals,

clean facilities, and years of experience. 



We will cater to your event, promotional celebration, media appearance, fair, or exhibition. Chase’s Pig Racing will insight a fun and active atmosphere of enjoyment for your sponsors and guests.


   • USDA licensed

     • fully insured

     • self-contained

     • crowd participation

     • special events

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What do pigs drive?

  "PIG-UP Trucks !"