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Hi Ya'll,

My name is Pamela Chase. I am the owner and self-proclaimed

swine-master of Chases Racing Pigs LLC. We've been doing

this for a few years now and I can't think of a more enjoyable

way to make a living.

These little porkers can splash oh-so-gracefully to your next fair or festival.

Each show has 2 flat races and 2 swimming races that last up to 20 minutes

each (up to 3 times daily).

Theses hams don't even hesitate before taking a flying leap into their 12 foot pool. Racing you ask? Absolutely! It's just like NASCAR only they are fueled by cookies (and not gasoline). Dale Earnhog Jr, Kevin Hamhock Harvick, and Jimmy Johnsonville Braut will speed as fast as their ham hocks will carry them around the clean and up to date track.

Our family friendly show can hold hundreds of people where we'll pick "piggy rooters" to cheer on each pig. There will be squeals of laughter, as you experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as you cheer Lindsey Lo-Ham or Britney Spare-Ribs on to victory! We even have a special prize for whoever's speedster comes in first.

I appreciate you looking into Chases Racing Pigs. We've had the pleasure of being sponsored by business's like Food Lion and Tractor Supply and teaming up with some fantastic people. We hope you will be next!


Pamela Chase


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